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Currently, besides online betting games such as Poker, Blackjack or coin toss… there is also an online betting game that is very popular with players. That is Fan Tan game – a game of Chinese origin with simple gameplay but a very high winning rate. To help players have more accurate information about this betting game line, 55bmw Casino invites you to follow the following article.

What is Fan Tan game?

What is Fan Tan game?

According to research, this is a long-standing type of gambling in China. You can see this game in Chinese historical films. At that time, this game was called Fan, but to suit Macau casinos, it was changed to Fan Tan and used until now.

Currently, this type of entertainment at online casinos like 55bmw has many different types of bets. The betting table is designed in the shape of a large square divided into 4 colors. Each side is divided into parts 1, 2, 3, 4 for players to easily distinguish. To play this game, you need a set of tools including: many small beads (white buttons), 1 bowl to fry the buttons, 3 small bowls to cover the buttons and 1 stick to count the buttons.

Fan Tan game rules are specific for newbies

When starting a bet, the dealer will stir a large transparent lid to refresh the white buttons. Then use a small lid to separate the appropriate amount of button. At this time, the players will predict the number of white buttons in the small lid after being divided equally by 4. Time will begin to count by counting people so that players can choose the appropriate betting method. displayed right on the table.

At the end of that time, the dealer will open the lid and use a wooden stick to remove and arrange 4 white buttons. Until there are 4 or less buttons left, meaning the result can only be 1, 2, 3 or 4. If any player bets on box 2 Fan and the result is correct, you win and the same goes for you. for the remaining cells.

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After the player wins, the house will automatically transfer the Fan Tan game winning bonus that you have won to the player’s game account. You can then withdraw money to your bank account or electronic money to use according to your needs.

Nowadays, to improve the player’s experience, the Fan Tan game has many options for betting. For example: Nim, Kwok, Nga, SSH, Even/Odd or Over/Under. Along with those betting methods, the winning rate of each box is also different.

How to calculate the win rate in the Fan Tan game

How to calculate the win rate in the Fan Tan game

Below are the basic rules, principles and winning odds of this game that you need to understand before participating at the house.

Fan (bet has a winning rate of 1 to 2.85)

This is the door with the highest winning rate among all bet types of this game. For example, with 4 Fan bets (1, 2, 3, 4), if you bet on Fan 3 and it matches the drawing result, you win. Conversely, if the result is Fan 1, 2 or 4, you lose.

Nim/Nem (bet with win rate of 1 to 1.9)

In this betting box, if you bet on 2 numbers but 1 wins and 1 draws or the result is the remaining 2 numbers, you lose the bet. For example, if you choose to bet 1 Nim 4, if the result is 1 then you win, 4 then it’s a draw and 2 or 3 then you lose.

Kwok (corner): The bet has a winning rate of 1 to 0.95

You will bet on 2 numbers according to your prediction. If the winning result is one of those two numbers, you win. If you open the remaining two numbers, you lose.

Even/Odd (bet with a win rate of 1 to 0.95)

This is a bet with a fairly high probability of winning, 50-50 in the Fan Tan game. You will choose two odd numbers (1, 3) or two even numbers (2,4) to bet. If the result is correct, you win.

Over/Under (big/small) also has a winning rate of 1 to 0.95

If the last 4 white buttons are selected, the results are Under (equivalent to 1,2) and Over (3,4). Whoever bets on the box that matches that result will win.

Russia (the bet has a winning rate of 1 to 0.475

The player will bet on 2 numbers. If the winning result matches it, you win. If the remaining two numbers are opened, one number is a Draw and one number is a Loss.

For example: You choose to bet 2, 3, 1 Russia and the result is 2, 3 then you win the bet, the result is 1 which means you lose and 4 which means it is a draw.

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SSH (A bet with a win rate of 1 to 0.32)

In this Fan Tan game, you will choose to bet on 3 numbers. If the winning result is 1 of those 3 numbers, you will win. If not, then you lose your bet in that game.

Revealing how to play Fan Tan game online and always win

Revealing how to play Fan Tan game online and always win

This is a betting game that is considered to be highly lucky. However, if you want to have the opportunity to win bets and receive big rewards, players must memorize the following good betting experiences:

Do not bet hastily in the Fan Tan game

If you are new to the game, you must come up with a specific strategy and playing method. At the same time, you should not be hasty and then mistakenly place bets, leading to losing the bet. A tip for new gamers is to choose to bet on easy bets like Even/Odd and with small bets.

So you can both understand the rules of the game, how to play Fan Tan as well as accumulate more playing experience for yourself. Once you have mastered it, you can choose to place more difficult bets (Fan, Kwok) with higher amounts to earn more money. Absolutely do not bet all-in or choose difficult bets because it can easily lead to losing all your money and causing discouragement.

Choose a reputable house that offers online Fan Tan game

To ensure the safety of your information as well as avoid being scammed by the house, you need to research and choose a quality bookmaker. The online betting market is currently extremely vibrant with a large number of bookmakers. However, not all addresses are rated well on the market. If you are still hesitant, you can choose 55bmw because this is a famous and reputable playground and guarantees very high benefits for players.

Divide betting capital reasonably when participating in the Fan Tan game 55bmw

Besides entertainment purposes, most people come to this online betting sport to make money. So how to best control, manage and divide your capital is still very important. Players should not bet all their capital in one bet. Instead, use that amount of money to divide it into different parts and plan your bets clearly to minimize capital risks and play longer.

Choose to bet on two doors with different payout rates

The Fan Tan game has many betting boxes for players to choose from and the game rules also allow you to bet on more than one box. So to reduce the risk, you should choose at least 2 doors with different payout rates to bet on. Because each bet has a different winning rate, placing more than one bet will help keep your money from going negative.

Through the above information, you must have seen the fun of this Fan Tan game, right? But this game will definitely bring you more exciting things when you experience it right at 55bmw. What are you waiting for? Join and apply the tips above to win big in this game! Wishing you will have interesting, fun and lots of luck with Fan Tan 55bmw!

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