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Penalty card bets are called one of the forms of side bets in today’s soccer bets. This type of bet is simple to place and has an attractive reward rate, but it is quite difficult to win money. The article below will provide information and instructions for playing.

Learn about penalty cards

Penalty card bets are based on the number and color of the cards dealt by the referee during the match. Players can bet on the time, team and card type they predict. The special feature of this type of bet is that it is not related to the score of the match.

Players only care about whether the referee draws a card or not, to whom and how much to draw. In Vietnam, this form of soccer betting is very popular because it is quite simple. Predicting the number of cards that will appear can be based on solid grounds, so there is a possibility of winning.

For those who are new to betting, betting on penalty cards is a way to get familiar with this market and minimize risks. When you have more money, you can switch to playing extra bets on goals and corners. You can choose to bet on Half 1, Half 2 or the whole match. The betting registration process is quick, and results are announced immediately after the round or match ends.

Penalty card bets are currently popular

In the bet for penalty cards, players can decide two main forms of betting: handicap and over/under. Handicap is a bet on which team will receive more cards in the match, over/under is a bet on whether the total number of cards of both teams will be greater or less than a certain number. In addition, players can also bet on other bets on penalty cards, such as the first – last card appearing in the match.

Penalty card bets also have the form of handicap bets

In the bookmaker’s odds table, players will see an upper and lower team to bet on. The house will rely on many factors to give a handicap for players to decide. This method is similar to the method of making a goal handicap bet. After the end of 45 minutes of the first half or 90 minutes of the entire match, depending on the bet type, the results will be announced.

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Bet on which side the last penalty card belongs to

This is a more risky bet because it is possible to predict which team will receive the card first or last. But that’s why many people who like challenges still choose to bet on this penalty card. Because it is difficult to win, the reward rate for it is very attractive, and can bring in large, desirable profits.

Those who are passionate about over/under can also play this bet

This is a very popular betting method that Vietnamese players often choose. Over/under cards are also known as over/under, players must predict based on the rate given by the house. For example, in today’s match the house set the over/under bet for penalty cards at 2.5. If you think the number of cards drawn is more, decide Over, if less, choose Under.

Easy way to play penalty card betting

Analyze parameters before the match

To be able to predict the odds for penalty cards most accurately, you should consider the number of penalty cards that both teams have received in the last 5-10 matches. Teams that play aggressively and use force often receive more penalty cards from the referee. Teams that play cleanly, follow the rules and play fair-play are less likely to receive penalty cards.

You should also observe the confrontation history between the two teams. There are teams that rarely receive penalty cards, but when clashing with certain arch-rivals, they typically receive many penalty cards. This is also a factor for you to decide the penalty card betting level.

Choose the penalty card bet by knowing who the referee is

The referee is the deciding factor in the number of penalty cards in the match. Wise players will consider and decide bets based on this factor. Some referees with a reputation for being strict typically give out more cards than those who are lenient.

In addition, there are referees who tend to issue many penalty cards when meeting a team they do not like. And predicting odds for penalty cards requires analysis and judgment based on actual factors in the match. Improve your ability to predict and win in bets on penalty cards by applying these betting tips.

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