What is PRC in football?

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What is PRC in football? This PRC term is known to play an important role in helping bettors determine the odds and providing more successful betting opportunities in the future.

What is PRC in football?

In the sport of field football with its drama and competition for goals anytime, anywhere by strikers with the desire to bring victory to the home team, it is understandable that incidents and collisions occur. .

To solve these unwanted problems on the field, in football there has been the birth and appearance of the term PRC, a term that announces that a player has committed a foul and will be penalized with a penalty card as a warning or warning. Let players leave the field. When a player commits a foul or violates soccer rules, the referee will hold up a PRC notice for everyone to recognize.

These terms are often combined with the symbol PRC

When participating in sports betting at an online bookmaker such as betting on penalty cards, yellow cards or red cards, you will need to learn about PRC in football to be able to bet on that match. One thing that 1xbet bettors need to know is that the term PRC does not come alone, but it will come with previous symbols such as:

First, in case there are players with serious or minor injuries due to a collision with an opposing team player, the INJ symbol will appear (indicating that there is an injured player that needs to be considered).

During the time the injured player undergoes a medical examination, the compensation time will be called Int or Injury Time.

To be able to detect violations, determine fairness with balls entering the net, touching hands or touching players’ hands in competition will be reviewed and monitored by a device called Var. Allowed by the referee.

In cases where 1xbet players let the ball touch their hands, the referee will blow the whistle and make a decision to penalize, which is understood as a penalty for the opposing team. PRC is often accompanied by other interesting sports football terms

When did PRC appear in football?

The striker committed a serious foul

First, to be able to see the PRC symbol quickly and easily, you only need to have a striker commit a serious foul that requires the appearance of that scary red card. It can be a situation where a player plays and passes the ball with both feet intentionally and openly, or it can also be an intentional or unintentional action that causes injury to a player on the opposing team. .will all be sanctioned by the PRC.

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Violent situations on the field

Certainly, with violent actions and behavior on the field, being punished with a red card is obvious. To know what is harsh and violent behavior, when 1xbet brothers see a player spitting on the opposing team, or using physical force to impact the opponent’s striker, causing That person was seriously injured…or was it an act of racism.

Serious violations on the field will result in the striker being given a red card

Prevent excessive goals against your team

One of the cases where the PRC notice appears, and the red card is quickly issued is when the striker takes actions to prevent the ball from entering the other team’s net when that ball could lead to an actual goal. . If the referee considers that the ball has the potential to be scored but is excessively blocked, the referee will immediately issue a red card.

It could be the goalkeeper’s action of blocking the ball when flying out of the penalty area to hug the ball, causing the other team’s striker to not be able to score, and will be penalized with a red card.

If the goalkeeper uses his hands to play the ball and block it, he will also be given a warning card.

There are 2 yellow cards appearing in a match

In addition to the cases mentioned above, there is another situation where the PRC symbol appears: when a player has committed 2 yellow card fouls in this match, the referee will notify him to stop the match and let him play. The player leaves the field with 2 yellow cards corresponding to a red card. For this player leaving the field, he will sit and wait for notification about whether he will be suspended or not.

Jilievo experts have answered the question of what PRC is in football for beginners who are new to the sports betting market and still have questions. Understanding and knowing what PRC is will help bettors more easily judge the results.

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